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Kellin Quinn Facts:
Kellin Quinn height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 72 kg (160 pounds)
Age: 28 years (April 24, 1986)

Lead vocalist of ‘Sleeping with Sirens’, a post- hardcore band of America, Kellin Quinn is now in his 28 with reference to his date of birth 24th April, 1986. He has a slim outline in a regular height of 5 feet & 8 inches. This singer has a total body weight of 72 kg.

Kellin Quinn Bostwick was born in Oregon to his parents, Jesus & Mary Quinn. He grew up playing together with his 2 sisters, Harper & Kailey, & 2 brothers. Kellin’d dad was almost absent since his childhood days, as his father mainly didn’t wish for the responsibility of bringing up a child, hence, he was seldom there for his children & wife & Kellin basically was raised in an absence of father figure. Kellin is wedded to his beloved wife, Katelynn in 2013, following his date since 2009. He is the father of total 3 children, a beautiful daughter, Copeland Quinn Bostwick, born from his relationship with his wife Katlyne whereas 2 step sons, Liam & Rowan, which he got from his wife’s previous marriage. Making a close glance to his educational career, we came to know that Kellin after attending Notre Dame Academy from 1996 to 2000 went to the University’s Terry College of Business, where he earned his BBA degree majoring in Insurance & Business Management in the year 2005.

Kellin Quinn began his professional singing career initially with a rock band named ‘Closer 2 Closer’, prior to his rise in prominence since 2009. 2009, this was the lucky year when Kellin first entered in to the widely popular hard core rock band ‘Sleeping with Sirens’ as a lead singer. Kellin helped his band turn out a top 20 US Indie collection in the year 2011 along with “Let’s Cheers to This”, After a year, they aired ‘If You Were a Movie’, ‘EP’ & ‘This Would Be Your Soundtrack. At present Kellin’s band has been contracted to the famous Rise Records. This group is basically known for the contribution & versatility of the lead vocalist Kellin Quinn’s leggero tenor vocal range. This versatile artist himself writes most of the songs for his band.

Kellin is an avid fan of tattoos, he has many different tattoos all through his body. Devotee of fashion ware, Kellin is not just known for his vocal but also well recognized for his gentle look & up to date fashion styles. He along with his band members is involved in different humanitarian activism, including their donations for the cancer patients & providing several other voluntary services. Being a vegetarian Kellin has a deep fascination towards the helping hands for animals. Unfortunately, Kellin Quinn doesn’t’ have a Wikipedia page of his own but his overall information regarding his life story along with his musical career can be collected through other several social networking sites. Winding up Kellin Quinn’s overall life & musical history, we can easily conclude that he was fueled with dreams & leaded by achievement. His music pattern confirms to be an image of the further melodic face of post hard-core, due to its proper balancing of rhythms & every single beats.