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Gheorghe Muresan Facts:
Gheorghe Muresan height: 7 feet & 7 inches
Weight: 143 kg (315 pounds)
Age: 43 years (February 14, 1971)

Distinctively noted for his towering height of 7 feet & 7 inches, Gheorghe Muresan is one of the reputed names in the field of basketball. Originally from Romania, he is currently retired from the professional basketball field since the year 2006. 43 years old Gheorghe has a slender out frame usually weighing in the order of 143 kg. At his lofty height, he has made a history as the tallest NBA player to date, along with Manute Bol, a Sudanese player.

Born on 14th of February, 1971, Gheorghe Muresan’s full birth name is Gheorghe Dumitru “My Giant” Muresan. He was brought up by his parents in his birth land of Tritenni de Jos commune of Cluj County, Romania. He is the graduate of the Cluj University, Romania. At the age of 23, he got hitched with Lillianna. Since then the couple is together spending a happy & understanding life. They welcomed their first baby, a son named George on 23rd April, 1998. Gheorghe together with his wife & 2 sons, Victor & George had been an inhabitant of New Jersey’s Franklin, but presently lives in uptown Washington.

Gheorghe Muresan began to play basketball as soon he stepped into his age 14. He played competitive basketball all through his university days& came out as a professional with the Pau-Orthez during the 1992- 1993 season playing in the prominent French league, & was an immediate hit with numerous fans. He drew the concern of the NBA & was soon picked by the popular Washington Bullets within the NBA Draft 1993. From the age 22, he started playing for the NBA until the year 2000, showing marks of a flourishing career which was derailed by injuries. Gheorghe’s best season appeared in the 1994- 1995 champion, once he averaged the total of 14.5 points for each game. After backing to France & participating for the commence of the 1995- 1996 season together with Pau- Orthez, the champ was titled the NBA’s Most Improved Player pro the very season behind averaging the total of 2.26 blocks, 9.6 bounds, 14.5 points per game when building a league- leading 58.4% of his field-goals. For one more time, he led within field-goal percent the next season, making a 60.4 percent average. Later, he got enrolled with the New Jersey Nets pro the last 31 matches of his basketball career. Following the conclusion of his career in NBA, Gheorghe had another turn inside the French League ahead of backing to US with his adorable family. He usually wore No. 77, in positioning to his precise height.

One of the highly noted Romanian basketball player Gheorghe Muresan didn’t get his tall height from his dad & mom; however they stood 5’9” & 5’7”, respectively. A pituitary gland stipulation caused his atypical growth. He is also famed with his nickname “Ghitza”, i.e. pronounced GEET-za & decoded in English as “Little Gheorghe”.