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Frankie Avalon Facts:
Frankie Avalon height: 5 feet & 8 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 74 years (September 18, 1940)

18th September, 1940 born Frankie Avalon is a famed American actor, playwright, singer & a former teen icon. With the growing age the actor has gradually dwindle his on screen appearances. He is presently running in his 74. Nevertheless his recent body weight is not available in any of his official web pages, Frankie still holds a regular build body in an average height of 5 feet & 8 inches.

Frankie Avalon was born as Francis Thomas Avallone in the large & beautiful City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He is the son of Nicholas Avallone (b. 1913) & his wife Mary Avallone (b. 1916). His upbringing took place at his hometown along with his only sister named Theresa Avallone, who is 2 years senior to his age. He was an acting scholar with Estelle Harmon & Wynn Handman in Los Angeles & New York, respectively. Since 19th January, 1963, Frankie is married to Kathryn Diebel, with whom he shares 8 children together, namely Carla, Kathryn, Nicolas, Joseph, Laura, Dina, Tony & Frank Burt Avalon.

One among the wave of teen stars to emerge of Philadelphia during the 50s & 60s, Frankie Avalon disparate from many of others in fact had a background in music, having been trained to play trumpet by his dad within a very little age. As a youngster, he performed in several local theatres & clubs & had won an area television competition playing a solo trumpet. At the age of 12, in 1951, he was inducted in “Rocco and the Saints”, a local band which counted one more soon to be popular teen star, Bobby Rydell. Following his numbers of tracks with the band, the young artist teamed recurrently with a gorgeous American actress plus singer, Annette Funicello, & starred in countless famous “beach party” comic movies all through the mid 60s. Turning up as a character named Teen Angel, Frankie’s 1978 hit movie performance as “Beauty School Dropout” in the theatrical production “Grease” launched him to a novel generation of audiences. He appeared in about 2 dozen television episodes of multiple sitcoms throughout his initial career phase & later crooked to marketing & established a chain of cosmetic & health aids “Frankie Avalon Products”. At age 31, he landed a cameo role as himself in the 1995 movie “Casino” alongside Robert De Niro. In recent periods, the talent star had made few stage productions & had even performed on Fox Network’s “American Idol” on 8th April, 2009.

Initially discovered by an Amerivan lyricist cum talent agent, Robert P. Marcucci, Frankie Avalon later made his effort & focus towards reaching the height of a successful filming career. He finally, accomplished his goal becoming one of the noted American actors of 70s & 80s. Furthermore, to his career successes, he has also been mentioned in few of the hit songs, including Hairspray’s “It Takes Two”, Wu Tang Clan’s “The City” & The Vaccines’ “Teenage Icon”.