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Ed Begley, Jr. Facts:
Ed Begley, Jr. height: 6 feet & 4 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 65 years (September 16, 1949)

Lofty statured Ed Begley, Jr. is one of the celebrated names in Hollywood. Additional to his contribution as an actor, Ed is also recognized for his tremendous works as an environmentalist. The actor has revealed himself to be 100 % vegan & has even added that he follows a daily workout schedule & diet plan for maintaining his health & fitness. Even as his current body weight is still to be divulged, Ed’s height is listed to be precise 6 feet & 4 inches tall.

Presently 65, Ed Begley, Jr. is the adorable son of Ed Begley & Allene Jeanne Sanders. He was born as Edward James Begley, Jr. on 16th September, 1949. Though, his parents’ were never married, his father was wedded for 3 different times, but Ed was his only child. Growing up in the City of Buffalo, New York, Ed earned his education from the Lewiston based Stella Niagara Education Park Cadet School. At the age of 13, he along with the family relocated to California, completing graduation from the Sherman Oaks’ Notre Dame High School & North Hollywood’s Los Angeles Valley College. Today, Ed is father to his 3 kids from his 2 marriages. Together with his first spouse, Ingrid Taylor (October 31, 1976- 1989), the actor shares 2 children, a son & a daughter & has an only daughter with his current & second wife, Rachelle Carson. The couple is wedded since the 23rd of August, 2007.

Active in acting since the young age of 18, Ed Begley, Jr. has landed roles in hundreds of movies, television programs & stage acts. He is widely noted for playing Dr. Victor in the NBC medical drama black comedy sitcom “St. Elsewhere”, earning 6 consecutive nominations for Emmy Award. More lately, the actor has garnered wider fame for his work on the Planet Green’s “Living With Ed”, the reality program about green living with his spouse. Additional to his starring in different movies & TV series, the Ed has also made his appearance as guest in popular shows like, “Star Trek: Voyager” (Furture’s End, parts I & II”, “Boston Legal” & “Scrubs”. One of his recent acting parts was in “Gary Unmarried”, the CBS series, where he portrayed Dr. Walter Krandall. He has even appeared in the TV program “Beverly Hills Pawn” in the year 2013.

Since the year 1970, Ed Begley, Jr. has emerged as an environmentalist, commencing with his foremost electric vehicle, i.e. a Taylor- Dunn, recycling & becoming a vegetarian. He promotes biodegradable products such as Envirolet composting toilets, Toyota Prius & his Best Household Cleaner. As an author, he has published books like, “Ed Begley, Jr.’s Guide to Sustainable Living: Learning to Conserve Resources and Manage an Eco- Conscious Life” (2009) & “Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco- Friendly Life” (2008). Formally, he was as well one of the advisory members of the “2004 Racism Watch” group, founded by Ed Asner, a fellow actor.