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Angus T. Jones Facts:
Angus T. Jones height: 5 feet & 7 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 21 years (October 8, 1993)

May be audiences have seen his reruns so they think Angus T. Jones to be pretty small; however his exact height is listed to be average 5 feet & 7 inches. Currently running in his early 20s, the American actor has been introduced to the show business as a child actor. He has not yet built any packs & has neither disclosed either of his workout plans; however the actor now seems to be working upon his physical training so as to gain mannish physique. His recent body weight is also not provided over his official websites.

Born as the elder son to his American parents on 8th of October, 1993, Angus T. Jones is currently 21 years old. He grew up together with his smaller brother in his home town of Austin, Texas, United States. His full birth name is revealed to be Angus Turner Jones.

Landing roles on a string of different television commercials Angus T. Jones made his initial steps towards professional career at a mere age of 4. As soon he reached 6 years old, he made his foremost lead role, in the 2001 released featured movie “See Spot Run”, playing James, which was traced out by his portray as Sammy in the same year released television film “Dinner with Friends”. That year, he as well made his television debut as Sean Gattney in a single episode of “ER”. In 2003, the rising star was picked for the lead role of Jake Harper in the CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. He continued playing the character since the 1st to 10th season of the series & also made a guest starring in the series’ 12th season in 2015. Angus has also landed roles on few television movies, such as “Audrey’s Rain” & “The Christmas Blessing” in the year 2003 & 2005, respectively & was later seen in the cameo role of Jake Harper in Todd Phillips comedy road movie “Due Date” in 2010. That year, the young star as well landed a single episode starring in “Hannah Montana”, traced out by his most recent role as Taylor in the 2013 movie “Tuna”.

Introduced into the show business at the early age of 4, Angus T. Jones professionally came out as a child actor at his 6. He then went on providing one upon other tremendous roles on both television & films. Being too generous by nature, this young actor as well occupies himself more often with different charity ventures, some of which includes his support for Memphis, Tennessee based St. Jude Children’s Reseanch Hospital, Be A Star & First Star Organization, among few others. He has also shown his active participation in several camps & funding programs for different causes including, child abuse, environmental, social, humanitarian & racial. In additional to his contributions, the actor has also been decorated with different awards & accolades, including 2 Young Artist Awards (2004 & 2006), Character and Morality Entertainment Awards (2003) & TV Land Awards (2009).