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Desiree Hartsock Facts:
Desiree Hartsock height: 5 feet & 6 inches
Weight: Not Disclosed
Age: 28 years (1st July, 1986)

A celebrated US reality television star, Desiree Hartsock has now crossed her 28, with reference to her birth date 1st July, 1986. She has a slim curvaceous figure standing in an impressive height of 5 feet & 6 inches. Despite acclaims for her toned figure, this stunning diva's actual body weight is not disclosed in any of her official sites.

Wyoming, Colorado, United States born Desiree Hartsock is the daughter of her parents who are from the city of Pennsylvania. She was brought up with her rash & difficult elder brother, Nate Hartsock at her birth place prior to her family movement to Los Angeles. She every so often resided as a youngster in a trailer park when her entire family unit fell on hard times. During her high school days, Desiree was a volleyball champion. Talking about this stunning beauty’s love life, she is at present reported to be single, although she had passed through few brief relationship which failed to travel long. While she was on the set of ‘The Bachelor’, once she had fallen for her co- star Sean Lowe. Desiree has even stated that she had fallen for a lady star, the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence. Additionally, during her stay in the reality show, she was somehow attached to Chris & had even introduced him with her family, & at the end, she gave a final rose to him saying yes to his proposal.

At her young age, Desiree started her career initially as an Outback Steakhouse’s hostess. Working in few television commercials, beautiful young aged lady Desiree Hartsock rose to prominence through her appearance in the ABC’s 2013 Bachelorette, a widely popular reality television dating sitcom. She had competed on the 17th season of ‘Bachelor’ show for Sean Lowe. Desiree achieved the 2nd one- on- one season’s date & as well became a superior sport when the handsome hunk Sean played a prank on her. As she was attracted towards Sean throughout the show, not her single family members especially her only brother Nate was in support of Sean, as Nate had even nicknamed Sean as a ‘Playboy’. This elegant persona was crushed & even dragged towards Sean in the Rose Ceremony in order to make an apology for her brother’s rudeness but Sean however sent her back to home. This show’s tough participant will be provided with another shot on the love on reality television as the star of ‘The Bachelorette’ season 9. She had many front runners all through the competition, counting television hottiees Chris, Brooks, Zac & Drew, who all got a single chance to invite beautiful Desiree to their individual hometowns.

Coming from a small & middle class family, Desiree Hartsock made her career through her reality television activism. Additionally, she has also collected a huge mass of audiences & fans following through her delightful charming personality in a striking height. Plus point to her television appearance, Desiree describes herself as a book nerd who wished to write something admiring in her near future. Being a regular follower of daily workouts, Desiree often reveals that she has gained her toned & slender figure with an appropriate body weight through her each day exercise.