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Bjork Facts:
Bjork height: 5 feet & 4 inches
Weight: 56 kg (124 pounds)
Age: 49 years (November 21, 1965)

Distinct for her Icelandic accent, Bjork has a very quirky fashion sense. Almond shaped eyed Bjork is a prominent experimental singer, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, producer as well as occasional actress. She has a very unique, almost kid-like singing vocal. Also noted for her hair, this multi talented lady has though stepped into her late 40s by age, she keeps herself updated with latest style trends. Average build Bjork normally weighs in the range of 56 kg & stands in a middling height of 5 feet & 4 inches.

Bjork has though settled sown in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States, she originally comes from Reykjavik, the capital & largest city of Iceland. Sje was born as Bjork Guomundsdottir on 21st November, 1965. Her mom, Hildur Runa Hauksdottir is an activist, while her dad, Guomundur Gunnarsson is an electrician com union leader. She belongs to Irish ancestry through her mother. Her parents divorced when she was born subsequent to which her mother started living with her in a commune. Her step-father is a former guitarist of “Pops”, Sævar Arnason. At the age of 6, she joined the Barnamusikskoli school in Reykjavik & started studying flute & classical piano. She earned her graduation from the music school in 1980.

Bjork was always fascinated towards the musical world since her very early age. A couple of year behind her music school graduation, she & Jakob Magnusson, a pro bassist formed a group called “Tappi Tikarrass”, releasing their first EP entitled “Bitio fast I vitio”, in 1982 August. Earlier to this, Bjork was also enrolled into “Spiy and Snot”, an all- girl punk band. She as well launched “Exodus” as a jazz fusion squad in 1980 & too collaborated with another band called “JAM80”. She initially earned popularity for leading “The Sugarcubes”, the alternative rock group whose 1987 released single “Birthday” came out as a hit on both the UK & US indie stations. At the age of 28, this winning artist commenced her solo career. “Debut”, her studio album was rooted into trip hop, jazz, house & electronic & is highly accredited as one among the foremost collections to introduce electronic genre in the mainstream pop world. At present, in her career’s third decade, Bjork has launched a style of electric music that incorporates parts of classical, electronic, jazz, trip hop, experimental, rock, avant- garde & dance music. Her up to date sales are asserted to range between twenty & forty million records globally.

To date, Bjork has collected a MOJO Award, 4 MTV Video Music Awards, 4 BRIT Awards, Twenty one Icelandic Music Awards, 3 UK Music Video Awards, & the Royal Swedish Academy of Music’s Polar Music Prize, in the year 2010. She has even earned varieties of titles & honors by different magazines & was lately counted in the Time 100’s “Icons” division, as one among the most significant people in the globe.