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Steve Bacic Facts:
Steve Bacic height: 6 feet & 1 inch
Weight: 88.5 kg (195 pounds)
Age: 50 years (March 13, 1965)

He has a leading ability & is just as comfy playing daunting villains or wit sidekicks, the mannish build Steve Bacic has actually gone from vitality to vitality terminating into about half- decade of continuous work. He soon then started getting stardom as a proficient actor of Canada. Tall & attractive looking Steve is active in the show business since the year 1991. He is revealed to be a regular gym hitter & carries his workout daily. He is a very foodie persona, but never neglects on his body weight. He is approximately 88.5 kg in a towering height of 6 feet & 1 inch.

50 years old Steve Bacic is from his birth place, Lisicic, a small village located in SR Croatia Yugoslavia; nonetheless his upbringing was held in Ontario’s Windsor, Canada. He was born to his parents on 13th of March, 19565. Following his university graduation with honours in kinesiology, Steve spent little time working at a local factory & at a point had his private business of auto refurbishing & owned 2 beautiful houses.

Acting was never his first choice. Steve Bacic actually desired to become a professional athlete & land a career either as a coach else a physical therapist. Around his mid- twenties, he was on a road trip along with friends which drove him to settle in Canada’s Vancouver, where, plotted by the TV & film project going on, he made a decision to stay. Afterwards, the young guy attended acting classes & met budding stars such as Ethan Hawke, with whom he carried some work. Steven’s note worthy TV roles have counted appearances on “Smallville”, “Highlander”, “The Outer Limits”, “Street Justice” & “The X- Files”, among others. He is best recognized for portraying Telemachus Rhade, his character in the popular science fiction television sitcom “Gene Rhoddenberry’s Andromeda”. Behind appearing as a guest star during the 1-3 season, the actor got enrolled as one of the primary cast in the series’ 4th season. Overall, Steve was in forty four out of 110 episodes of “Andromeda”. He also collected fame for playing Jason in the 2nd season of “Garage Sale Mystery”, the Mysteries Show & Hallmark Movies. Moreover to TV productions, Steve also made his starring in the films, including his debut “The 6th Day” (2000), followed by “X2” (2003), “Stargate: Continuum” (2008), “Tactical Force” (2011), & “A Haunting at Silver Falls”, to name a few.

Nominee of Leo Awards for Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series both in the year 2008 & 2009, Steve Bacic is a very painstaking person. As for his personal information, the actor is wedded with 3 adorable kids. He is a fan of sports & enjoys playing basketball. He as well loves snowboarding during his spare time.