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Mick Jagger Facts:
Mick Jagger height: 5 feet 7 10 inches
Weight: 67 kg (149 pounds)
Age: 71 years (July 26, 1943)

71 yet vigorous towards his profession, Mick Jagger is an internationally famed British singer, musician, songwriter & one-time actor. He is best recognized for being the founding member & the lead vocalist of the English rock band, ‘The Rolling Stones’. The slender build lanky artist has always remained slim & trim all through his youthful days. He normally weighs in the region of 67 kg standing in an average height of 5 feet & 10 inches.

Celebrated under his stage name “Mick Jagger”, the artist was actually born as Michael Philip Jagger on 26th of July, 1943. He was brought up in his birth place of Dartford, Kent, England, UK, in a middle class household. He is the elder of 2 sond of Basil Fanshawe “Joe” Jagger (b. 1913- d. 2006) & his spouse Eva Ensley Mary (nee Scutts; b. 1913- d. 2000). His father was a teacher & so was his grandfather, while his hairdresser mother was also an active component of the UK Conservative Party. He also has a smaller brother named Chris (b. 19th December, 1947) who is too a professional musician. The 2 brother have even performed together.

Though raised to trace his dad’s career path, Mick “was always a singer” once he cited in ‘According to the Rolling Stones’. As a child, he sang in the choir of church & also enjoyed listening to artists on the radio, Radio Luxembourg or the BBC, or watching the singers on television & in the films. He dropped out his study at the age of 18, after acquiring 3 A- levels & 7 O- levels. He then headed into an apartment along with Little Richards, a US recording artist, in Chelsea’s Edith Grove, London along with Brian Jones, a guitarist they’d met a few times ago. While Richards & Brian planned to begin their independent rhythm & blues band, Mick carried on his business study at the renowned London School of Economics, & had sincerely considered becoming either of these 2, a politician or a journalist, evaluating the later to a pop-star. Along with his mates, Mick then formed a music group playing for no-money formally. The group’s foremost emergence under the title “Rollin’ Stones” was carried out at the London’s Marquee Club, on 12th of July, 1962. Since the day, Mick has always shown his endowment to the music & currently holds the record of having a music career span of more than 50 years, & has been cited as “one of the most popular & influential frontmen in the history of rock & roll”. Mick’s distinctive vocal & performance collaboratively with the guitar style of Keith Richards has always been the signature of their band all through the Rolling Stones’ career.

In 1989, Mick was introduced into the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & at age 61 into the United Kingdom Music Hall of Fame together with his band. He was even knighted pro his marvelous contribution to music.