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Lynn Holly Johnson Facts:
Lynn Holly Johnson height: 5 feet & 3 inches
Weight: 50 kg (110 pounds)
Age: 56 years (December 13, 1958)

After achieving a wide acclaim in her skating career, Lynn Holly Johnson got fascinated towards the show business & shortly branched out as a professional actress. Petite height versatile lady though stands 5 feet & 3 inches; she has garnered a huge reputation in the entertainment world. Slim & trim Lynn has a toned belly & sexy figure, even as she has now reached her id 50s. She usually weighs in the range of 50 kg.

Born to Alan Johnson & his better half Margaret Johnson on 13th December, 1958, Lynn Holly Johnson is one of the 3 children of her American pares. All through the early age, her father served as a general contractor while her mother was busy with her household stuffs. Lynn has an elder sister named Kimberlee & also has a loving & caring older brother, named Gregg. 56 years old actress cum ice skater is married with 2 children, a daughter named Jensie & a son, Kellen Dane. The kids’ father is her only husband, Kelly James Givens, with whom she walked down the aisle on 12th of November, 1994. The family presently resides in the City of Los Angeles, California.

Lynn Holly Johnson is the silver medal winner of the novice level U.S. Figure Skating Championships 1974. At the age of 19, she quitted competitive skating to go round professional & got enroll into the Ice Capades, & soon started a career in acting. She made her movie debut as Alexis Winston, a figure skater in the 1978 released US romantic drama movie “Ice Castles”. Lynn, who was depicted by Roger Ebert, a film critic as “an appealing young woman who actually happens to be a good skater who can act”, emerged as the nominee for the Golden Globe’s “New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture- Female” pro her wonderful portrayal in the very movie. She was subsequently picked as the lead cast in “The Watcher in the Woods”, the Walt Disney Pictures’ horror drama film. Also in the year 1981, the rising actress appeared as Bibi Dahl, a Bong girl in “For Your Eyes Only”, the James Bond film. Later, at age 28, she departed from acting so as to focus on her personal family life. Her final acting part at the time was “Fugitive X: Innocent Target”, a made-for-TV film. Afterwards, she backed to acting in the year 2007 in a popular community theatre creation of the play “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Furthermore to her personal details, Lynn Holly Johnson had undergone a heart surgery in the year 2010. The reason behind the operation was a stroke due to a heart condition canned ‘patent foramen ovale’. Beside her birth name, she is also famed as Lynn Holly Givens, since her marriage with Kelly.