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Jeffrey Jones Facts:
Jeffrey Jones height: 6 feet & 4. 5 inches
Weight: 130 kg (250 pounds)
Age: 68 years (September 28, 1946)

A debonair personality standing in an attractive towering height of 6 feet & 4.5 inches, these are the major factors which keeps Jeffrey Jones distinct from other American actors. Vigorous in acting since several decades, Jeffrey has now put his footsteps towards late 70s, as of his birth date 28th September, 1946. Looking at his physical fitness & outlook, the actor seems to be quite alarmed on behalf of his regular exercises & diets; even though there is no such account on his daily routine. Somewhere in his interview, he has confirmed that his body weighs something like 130 kg.

The 1964 graduate of Putney School, in Putney, Vermont, Jeffrey Jones as a pre- medical student went to the Lawrence University. Nonetheless, he was born & raised in the beautiful City of Buffalo, New York, United States, the actor currently resides in the City of Los Angeles in California. His parents are namely, Douglas Bennett Jones & Ruth (nee Schooley). He faced his father’s death during his early childhood & since then was brought up by his art historian mother, who insisted him towards an acting career. Jeffrey is a father to his only son named Julian Coutts, with his deceased wife, Lloy Coutts (b. 1941- d. 2008). Julian is too an accomplished actor while Lloy was a reputed Canadian voice instructor. The couple initially met in Ontario’s Startford. Additional to his facts, Jeffrey belongs to both the British & German heritage, partially by Canadian way.

Jeffrey Jones’s acts within the university plays drove him towards the concern of British theatrical director, Tyrone Guthrie, following which he was recruited by Tyrone for the Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Guthrie Theatre. At the age of 14, he moved to London in order to continue his education at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, traced out by 3 years long turn with the Ontario based Stratford Theatre. Jeffrey’s stage career counted above 125 productions, beginning with the famous Guthrie Theatre, afterwards globally in London, Canada & South America, & finally in the New York based Broadway theatre, making appearances with Meryl Streep, David Bowie, Christopher Walken & Sigourney Weaver. Consequently, his transition from theatre to film commenced in the year 1970, at age 24. He later, rose to prominence with his roles such as Charles Deetz, Edward R. Rooney & Emperor Joseph II in the 1998 US fantasy comedy movie “Beetlejuice”, John Hughes’ comedy film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986) & the 1984 released US period drama movie “Amadeus” by Milos Forman, respectively.

Widely celebrated for his character acting, Jeffrey Jones has not just gained adoring fans within the United States, but his acting has dragged the attention of audiences living all through the globe. However, acting was never his childhood dream; the actor was fascinated towards the limelight during his medical study & finally is enlightened before the world as one of the moist noteworthy humoristic actors of his time.