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G. W. Bailey Facts:
G. W. Bailey height: 5 feet & 7 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 70 years (August 27, 1944)

70 years old G. W. Bailey is a prominent American actor of television, film & of course stage. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 4 long decades. In a mannish build out frame, the actor weighs normal & is reported to be precise 5 feet & 7 inches tall.

Born & raised in Port Arthur, a beauty city lying in Jefferson County, Texas, G. W. Bailey’s full birth name is revealed to be George William Bailey. He was born to his American parents on 27th August, 1944. He earned his education attending the Thomas Jefferson High School, Port Arthur along with Jimmy Johnson & Janis Joplin. Afterwards, he started his college study at the Lamar University, locating in nearby Meaumount & switched to the Lubbock based Texas Tech University for short span. He backed to the university in the year 1993; attending San Marcos, Texas based Texas State University. He collected his graduation certificate at age 50, i.e. in 1994 May with a major in Fine Arts & Theatre. He served as the Artist-in-Residence from the school year of 1999- 2000. Father to his 2 kids, G. W. Bailey was formally married to Eleanor June Goosby from 2nd April, 1996 until 1999.

However he went to the Texas Tech University during his adolescence, he soon dropped out his study & spent the mid of 90s serving at community theatre companies prior to his shifting to California around the mid of 70s, where he made appearances on television programme such as “Charlie’s Angel” & “Starsky and Huntch”. At the age of 35, he debuted as a film actor playing in the 1979 released Chunk Norris movie “A Force of One” (1979). The budding actor then landed his breakthrough role of Rizzo in the 1979- 1983 “M*A*S*H”. He as well made a star-making swift as the sidekick of Tom Berenger in the 1985 American comedy Western movie “Rustlers’ Rhapsody”. In the latter of 90s, G. W. made his starring in 3 of TNT Network’s praised “The Bible Series” movies, “Jesus” (1999), “Solomon” (1997) & “Saint Paul” also called “Paul The Apostle” (2000). From the year 2005 until 2012, he made his starring in the TNT police procedural sitcom “The Closer” alongside Kyra Sedgwick, Corey Reynolds & J. K. Simmons. Throughout the time, he as well landed appearances in “Cake: A Wedding Story” & “Cupcake Wars Guest Judge” in 2007 & 2012, respectively. Since the year 2012, the actor is playing Detective Lieutenant Louie Provenza in James Duff’s police procedural sitcom for TNT Network, “Major Crimes”.

Since the year 2001, G. W. Bailey has worked as the Sunshine Kids Foundation’s Executive Director, which provides activities & tips for numbers of cancer patients per annual. The actor has been serving as a volunteer for over 15 long years, ever since being inducted to the foundation by his god- daughter, who was formally diagnosed with the disease called leukemia.