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Daniel Auteuil Facts:
Daniel Auteuil height: 5 feet & 6 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 64 years (January 24, 1950)

Pepper & salt headed Daniel Auteuil, 64, is a recognized actor originally from France. He is highly acclaimed for playing in a spacious range of movie genres, including romantic comedies, period dramas & crime thrillers. Despite of his growing age, the French actor stills holds a dashing personality in a classic style trend. He has an average build in a manly physique standing in a standard height of 5 feet & 6 inches. His accurate body weight is not available in either of his official web pages.

Born on 24th January, 1950, Daniel Auteuil was brought up by his parents in the beautiful City of Algiers, in French Algeria, which is too his birth place. He is the son of Yvonne & her spouse Henri Auteuil, both of them held the blooming career as opera singers. To date, the talent actor has been married for the total of 3 times. He has a beautiful daughter named Aurore Auteuil (b. 1980), from his first wife, Anne Jousset. At the age of 43, he wedded his second wife, Emmaneulle Beart, whom he met during the shooting of 1985 released movie “L’amour en douce”. Following the divorce conclusion in 1995, Daniel married a Corsican sculptor Aude Ambroggi, his 3rd & current wife on 22nd July, 2006. The couple has a son together, Zach Auteuil, born on 24th September, 2009. He also shares a daughter named Nelly Auteuil (b. 1992 April) with his 2nd spouse.

Daniel Auteuil commenced his career in acting with a musical comedy & debuted as a movie actor at the age of 22, in 1972. His starring part in the 1986 historical drama movie “Jean de Florette” & its spin-off “Manon des Sources” (1986), earned him international fame. He has since established himself as one amongst the best known, top paid & highly popular actors in his home country, French. Throughout his emergences in movies including “Le bossu”, a 1997 comedy, “After You …”, 2003 romantic comedy, the 2001 released comic “The Closet”, “Cache”, the thriller of 2005 & the 2006 comedy entitled “My Best Friend”, the actor has since acquired greater worldwide recognition. In the year 2013, Daniel was picked as a part of the chief competition adjudicators at the “Cannes Film Festival 2013”.

An award winning actor, Daniel Auteuil is considered as one among the France’s utmost respected actors of all time. To date, the unbeaten actor has garnered numbers of nominations for his wonderful acting works, plus he has been decorated with different honorable awards, including 2 Cesar Awards for Best Actor (1987 & 2000), 2 European Film Award for Best Actor (1993 & 2005), a BAFTA Award (1987) & a Lumieres Awards (2001).