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Christina Aguilera Facts:
Christina Aguilera height: 5 feet & 1.5 inches
Weight: 49 kg (108 pounds)
Age: 33 years (December 18, 1980)

Amongst the popular American musical artists, Christina Aguilera, 33 is one of the most celebrated one. Besides her popularity as a singer, 18th December, 1980 born Christina is also a triumphant actress, songwriter & philanthropist. She has an average build feminine body standing in a modest height of 5 feet & 1.5 inches with a total body weight of about 49 kg.

Christina Maria Aguilera holding assorted nicknames as Chrissy, Baby Jane, X- Tina & Candy was born to a couple, Shelly Loraine (nee Fidler) & Fausto Xavier Aguilera in Staten Island, New York, United States. Throughout the early age, her father served as a soldier for the United States Army whereas her mother is a musician. She along with her mother & smaller sister, Rachel Aguilera moved into her granny’s home, located at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, following the divorce of her parents, at the age of 6. After many years of staying alienate, she expressed her interest towards the reconciliation with her dad in the year 2012. She completed her schooling & high school study from the Rochester Area School District, Marshall Middle School, Wexford & the North Allegheny Intermediate High School, respectively. Afterwards she continued her study through homeschooling because of her school mates bullying activities concerning her television appearances. After having a fling over each other in September 1998, Christina & a prominent American singer, Enrique Iglesias starting dating but their attachment didn’t progressed. From 2001 to 2002, she had an affair with Jorge Santos, her backup dancer, whom she called her ‘first love’. After her separation with Jorge, this beautiful singer was soon hooked up with Jordan Bratman, a musical marketing director, with whom she tied knot on 19th November, 2005 & got divorced on 15th April, 2011, following the separation since 2010. Since the November of that year, she got bounded with Matthew Rutler, a set assistant. The couple gave a name of engagement to their 3 years long relationship on the 2014’s Valentine day. Currently, Christina lives with Matthew parenting their son, Max Liron (b. January 2008), who was born from her relationship with her ex- husband.

Christina & her mom professed that her dad was abusive both physically & mentally, avers which he straightly denied; Christina applied music as a way of flee from her tumultuous household. She rose to fame as a bubblegum rock star in the 90s. In 1999 she released her self- titled debut collection which was ranked No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Subsequently, this blooming artist experienced temperate sensation globally with her follow- ups, ‘My Kind of Christmas’ & ‘Mi Reflejo’ (2000). Getting up to the height of successive career through her overwhelming singing aptitude, Christina has till present released 7 different smash hit collections & has too participated in numerous musical gigs together with several other top music artists.

An established icon of a pop culture, Christina Aguilera’s has decorated her with numerous accolades & awards, counting a Latin Grammy Award, 4 Grammy Awards & a Hollywood Walk of Fame’s star. Thus far, this philanthropist lady rocker has sold over 17.4 million collections within the United States & 50 million copies worldwide. Additionally, she is active in different charities through worls issues, human rights & her effort as the World Food Programme’s (WFO) UN ambassador. Branching from the music industry, she has worked in varieties of films counting her voice role in the 2004 animated movie ‘Shark Tale’.