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Chester Bennington Facts:
Chester Bennington height: 5 feet & 10 inches
Weight: 73 kg (160 pounds)
Age: 39 years (March 20, 1976)

Celebrated for leading the popular bands, “Dead by Sunrise” & “Linkin Park”, Chester Bennington has not just carved his name in the field of American music industry, but has earned a wide fame throughout the globe. In addition to his career in singing, this 39 years old US artist is also an accomplished song-writer, musician as well as actor. Chester is an avid fan of tattoo & also keeps himself up to date with latest fashion & style trends. Though he has a beat slender out frame, he normally weighs 73 kg in a middling height of 5 feet & 10 inches.

Chester Bennington original comes from the City of Phoenix, in Arizona, United States. He was born as Chester Charles Bennington on 20th of March, 1976. Professionally, his police detective father worked with the cases of child abuse & his mother served as a nurse. His parents separated with a divorce finalization when Chester was just 11 years old, behind which his custody was won by his father. As the divorce consequences, Chester started abusing alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, LSD, methamphetamine, & opium. He eventually trounced his addiction of drugs, & would continue denouncing the use of drugs in future interviews. Chester often states that he faced physical bullying throughout his high schooling.

Internationally celebrated for being the frontman of “Linking Park” & “Dead by Sunrise”, Chester Bennington originally worked as the lead vocalist of “Grey Daze” & “Sean Dowdell And His Friends?”. He is as well the present lead vocalist pro “Bucket of Weenies”, a rock cover band & the San Diego based “Stone Temple Pilots”. Chester became famous as a frontman with “Hybrid Theory”, the 2000 released Linkin Park’s debut collection which landed as an enormous commercial success. In 2005, the album was decorated with the RIAA’s Diamong certification, making it the top selling debut collections of that decade, & too one among the few collections ever beat that much sales. The band’s further studio albums, “Meteora”, “A Thousand Suns”, “Minutes to Midnight”, “The Hunting Party” & “Living Things”, released in 2003, 2010, 2007, 2014 & 2012, respectively, sustained the band’s achievement. Chester then launched “Dead by Sunrise” as his own band as a branching project at age 29. The band’s original album was liberated on 13th October, 2009, entitled “Out of Ashes”. This winning artist worked on innovative stuff with the “Stone Temple Pilots” in the year 2013 to launch “High Rise” as their EP on 8th October of that year via Play Pen LLC, their own recording label.

Chester Bennington has been placed at number 46 in the list of Hit Paraser’s “Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalist”. Married for 2 different times, this established American star at present resides with his second spouse, Talinda Ann Bentley (m. 2006). They share 3 kids together, namely Tyler Lee & twins, Lila & Lily (b. 2011). He has one son named Draven Sebastian Bennington (b. 2002), with his first spouse, Samantha Marie Olit (m. 1996- 2005). Chester also has a child named Jamie with his former girlfriend, Elka Brand. He has as well adopted Elka’s son Isaiah.