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Bradley James Facts:
Bradley James height: 6 feet & 0 inches
Weight: 81 kg (180 pounds)
Age: 31 years (October 11, 1983)

Hailing from the historic city of Exeter, in Devon, England, United Kingdom, Bradley James is best recognized for playing King Arthur (formally Prince Arthur) in “Merlin”, a popular BBC TV series. 31 years old British star has a dashing look which has truly added savor to his proficient acting skill, which actually works earning him a wide range of fan following throughout the globe. Bradley has a scorching mannish physique standing in an attractive tall height of exact 6 feet. The actor generally weighs 81 kg.

Exeter born Bradley James along with his family relocated to the City of Jacksonville, Florida at the age of 9. He was born on 11th of October, 1983. He grew up playing with his 2 loving & caring sisters, the smaller one Stephanie & the older Natalie James. Firstly, he studied at the Crown Point Elementary School & then got enrolled to the Fletcher Middle School prior to joining the Madeley High School, Madeley, England.

As a young chap, Bradley James either desired to become a professional footballer player or a famous actor. As it switched he traced the acting path & joined the Drama Centre London (DCL) along with fellow actor Santiago Cabrera. He earned a few minor jobs behind his departure from the DCL, like as “Lewis” (2008) & “Dis/connected” (2008); however his foremost big break appeared to be on “Merlin” the fantasy television sitcom on BBC One portraying Prince Arthur (now King Arthur). Bradley, himself has averred to enjoy the job he carries on & love the folks he performs his works with. Additionally, he also landed roles on further big & small screen ventures, including the 2009 released short film “Portobello 196”, Regan Hall’s British drama movie “Fast Girls” (2012), & his starring in the TV series such as “Homeland” (2014), & iZombie” (2015). Reportedly, Bradley will appear as Edgar, the used character in the forthcoming TV sitcom “Homeland” season 4. His another upcoming projects also counts his starring as Damien Thorn, the titled character in the television series “Damien”, scheduled to be premiering soon in the year 2015.

As mentioned already, Bradley James is a devotee of football. Besides his passion to play it, he as well enjoys loves watching football matches either on the television screen or the live stadium match. He as well loves table tennis & cricket. The actor often cites him to be an adherent fan of the Arsenal Football Club & too the American football squad, Miami Dolphins. Right handed Bradley’s dashing look & mannish physique has made him one of the audiences’ favorites on “Merlin”. Moreover to his fascinating facts, the British actor actually loves milk & likes to have steak with veggies. He prefers listening to Michael Jackson, David Bowie & The Beatles rather than any other music.